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The Playhouse Foundation

As of the 1st July we are proud to be supporting The Playhouse Foundation with support, updates and maintenance on their Website.

Having successfully gained a grant, The Playhouse Foundation had a new Website designed by FL1 another Company that specialise in the build and design of WordPress websites.

Having now come to the end of their Contract, The Playhouse Foundation approached us to discuss working with us over the next 12 months to support their on-going needs. Following a successful transition period and handover with FL1 we are now pleased to be working with Vicky Stanley and her team.


About The Playhouse Foundation

We are Vicky and Giles Stanley, co-founders of The Playhouse Foundation. In 2007, our 2 year old son was diagnosed with autism and despite our search for something which could proactively help us to support him, there didn’t appear to be anything which directly tackled his specific autistic traits.

As a family, we were finding it more and more difficult to cope with our son’s challenging behaviour and any form of social life became impossible. He had severe language and communication difficulties, an intolerance to any social setting, obsessive and ritualistic behaviours and frequent tantrumming throughout the day. It was purely by chance that we discovered ABA therapy.

Without ABA and the skills and expertise of those who have worked with our son, he would not be thriving in a mainstream school. As such, we are passionate about ABA as an effective early intervention programme and with the increase in children being diagnosed with this condition, our charity, The Playhouse Foundation offers those who would not otherwise benefit, the opportunity of having this life-changing provision.

For more information on The Playhouse Foundation visit their website HERE.

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